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So Who Am I?

OK! Here's the thing...This is MY Page which is a really big deal to me because it's the one and only thing in my life that I have all to myself. I never have an uninterrupted conversation, I always have company in the bathroom and if I'm alone in the car it's a flat-out miracle!

MY BLOG -To Write a Better Story

ABOUT   I'm just me. But while I'm trying to be as authentic as possible I am also trying to be a loving, supporting spouse to my darling husband and a good mother to my Tribe (more about them in a second) all while working my main job at school, working my second gig with the NLI Network and trying to make headway in my dream of becoming a writer - and I didn't even mention the dishes, the laundry, the dog...

THE TRIBE  So I have five kids. I planned on two but apparently I am freakishly fertile. Despite the fact that I'm outnumbered, I take the responsibility of raising these kids very seriously. I want them to survive and thrive the day I push them out of the nest (the first is leaving this fall!!) so I'm willing to put in the time and energy for the hard, thankless job of parenting. We don't have a lot, we live a very modest lifestyle. But we're happy and healthy and I think that means something in this day and age. 



My best friend & I have been married 21 years! We're raising the Tribe in Small Town, USA. Our lil' house measures out at 1,600 sq. ft. It's a bit small for 7 people. How do I know? Because when you're in the kitchen you have to wait for the dishwasher to close before you can open the fridge. And a line literally forms for the bathroom.  I love to cook and my kids hate new recipes. I drive a 15 passenger van and am brutally made fun of for it!

(get to know The Tribe) 


I am a parent educator with my local school district. For 17 years I've been encouraging, teaching, home visit-ing and sponsoring playgroups for families who have children ages birth to 5 years. I write a weekly parenting article for our local paper, often using true life stories as my inspiration! Once a teacher asked my daughter what my job was. She replied, "My mom gets paid to play with other people's kids".  I'd rather tell people that I have a PhD. in Playing!


I am dedicated to my role with Women's Development at Next Level International. I write, teach, preach, web design and travel all because the women of Europe are on the brink of a huge breakthrough. Watching them 'come out'  from the shadows of their life makes my soul jump for joy! Because of the women's conferences I've had the privilege to visit Czech Republic and Slovakia. In these lovely countries I've made life long friends. It's been the best years of my life!

 (what's going on in Europe?) 


To Write a Better Story

I made a decision in August of 2010 to go from 'wanting' to be an writer to being a writer! You can follow my journey here: www.stephaniesikorski.blogspot.com 

First Steps Parent Program

WHAT? A program for all Warren County families with young children regardless of experience, age or income.

WHY? Because parents are their child's first and most important teacher and because parenting is the hardest/most rewarding job we can have.


Parents As Teachers: http://www.patnc.org/

and BabyTALK: http://www.babytalk.org/

I am available for conferences and speaking engagements covering a variety of parenting issues. Some past topics include:

* Nurturing Young Children * Exploring 7 Risky Phases * Active Parenting * Working With Teen Parents * Creating Newsletters Parents Will Read *  *Rules (why less is better) * Effective Discipline Techniques *



Services Include:

  • Personal visits
  • Playgroups
  • Lap sits
  • Baby book club
  • Parent Meetings
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Lending Library
  • a LIVE! weekly radio broadcast



I had the opportunity of a LIFE TIME when I attended the Emerge Women's Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia this past October. Hosted by Next Level International, this conference focused on developing leadership traits women can apply in both their personal and professional life. It was an honor for me to go! I met beautiful women and made life-long friends. Emerge has come to North America and has many invitations from other European countries! 



What Remains

by Joanne Heim

If I spend my days building syscrapers with LEGO's and creating relationships with other moms at Starbucks, but have not love, I am only the siren of the kids' fire truck.

If I have the gift of knowing which child attempted to flush the Hot Wheels down the toilet and which one pushed her sister, and if I have faith that somehow we'll survive life's emergencies, but have not love, I am nothing.

If I save all my box tops for school and give outgrown clothing to the local shelter, and if I surrender my body to stretch marks and undereye circles, but have not love, I gain nothing.


Love is patient when someone isn't ready to use the big-girl potty. It is kind when my husband has a hard day. It doesn't envy my neighbor who drives the new sport-utility vehicle I can't afford.

It is not rude, snapping at my spouse or children when things don't go my way. It is not easily angered at perceived or real injustices.

It always protects the smallest, sweetest family confidences; always trusts God to provide for my children's needs; always hopes in the freshness of tomorrow and the bright future of family; always perserveres amid hardship and doubt.


Where there are sleepless nights, they shall end. Where there are diapers, little league, and dioramas built from shoe boxes, they will cease. Where there is knowledge of baby-care trends, discipline strategies, and boy-girl problems, it will pass away.

Now these three remain; faith, lived out in my daily circumstances and instilled in my children; hope, of one day rejoicing with my family in heaven; and love, which covers over a multitude of less than perfect moments.

But the greatest of these is love. It is what remains.....long after I am gone.


The Peoria Area Chamber ofCommerce, The Marketeer Magazine, and WEEK are proud to bring you the Annual 25 Women in Leadership Award presented to Stephanie Sikorski one of 25 prestigious this award is designed to recognize women of all ages from the young to the mature, all races and religions, who have demonstrated unswerving dedication to the betterment of themselves, their family, their company, and their community at large. A nominee could be anyone, from a high school student who has organized an anti-drug campaign, to a health care provider who has excelled within her field. The real test of a nominee's eligibility can be measured by the care she gives to her work, her mission, or to others even when a myriad of demands and commitments are swirling around her. These are 25 women who have gone beyond the norm to excel and provide leadership and example for all who know them.

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