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Ministry is a peculiar thing; it is noble ...and right ...and inspiring ...and aspiring....

                                                               but it also has a very practical side to it.

That is, without financial support we cannot participate in it. If you would partner with us - meaning together we make this happen - we personally would be extremely grateful that God has given you the vision as well. But it's the people we work with, and the churches we long to assist in Europe, who immediately benefit from the goodness of our supporters and God's people from all around the world.

First, let us know of your commitment to us. Every little seed grows.

Then send your support in the mail or use the convenient PayPal button in the right side margin.

And together we will participate in one of the greatest harvest of our lifetimes! Won't you partner with us today? 

WHO?     WHAT?    WHERE?     WHY?     WHEN?

WHERE is YOUR mission?

  "Empower a whole new generation of radical leaders to equip, transform and expand the Church in Europe."



WHO do you work with?

Next Level International

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WHY should we listen?

Stephanie is an established conference speaker in and outside of the church. As an Early Childhood Specialist and Parent Educator her topics include parenting &/or discipline workshops & spiritual teaching geared to encourage women of God to answer the call to fulfil their divine destinies. A dynamic speaker, Stephanie will bring encouragement & humor to your family's needs!








To have

Stephanie do a

* workshop

* conference

* church service

* leadership retreat

*contact us @ stephanie.[email protected] or phone @ +1309734-5148


WHAT do YOU do?



Host Emerge conferences, minister to women, encourage them, speak, pray, listen, teach, mentor and??

Web Design: I created and manage an international online community of women who are rising up and answering the call of destiny God has planed on their lives.  


Ministry happens in our "spare time". Life at home is normal, we work, raise our family, study and sit on a lot of basketball bleachers - but a few times a year we go! This keeps ministry costs to an astounding low budget. That means we make the most of every dollar spent. In addition, our dining room table is transformed into a hub of international activity: hosting webinars, planning conferences, connecting with ministry partners. 

Women's Development EMERGE




 "Creating an Atmosphere of Faith"


LISTEN to audio of Stephanie's Workshop Panel

from EMERGE II in Nitra, Slovakia (11/09)

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