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A-tisket A-tasket Abby won a basket!

Posted on April 20, 2011 at 8:30 AM

I took the twins to a Family Fun Day at our local YMCA last weekend.

They enjoyed bounce houses, door prizes, freebies and coloring contests. Abby particularly enjoyed the coloring contest. While I sat on the bleachers, precariously balancing their overstuffed bags of goodies, Abby meticulously colored her paper.


Typical Abby-style. She can't be rushed or hurried along for anything. I've never met a child who took her own sweet time as much  as my Abigail.

Her meticulousness paid off however, last night we received a phone call letting us know Abby won the coloring contest and to please come collect her prize.

Which was this.

Which made Bell feel like this.

She wanted her photo taken with her sister's prize.

And while Abby obliged her request it wasn't but for a moment.

Abby did however say, "C'mon Bell! Let's see what we got!" Notice she said 'we'. It was one of my prouder mommy-moments!

They tore it open.

Which the dog wanted in on.

And Eric wanted in on.

But he masked it by appearing to be 'helpful'.

They found these.

Oh, Lord! there go my lamps!

And we found this fun stuff.

And it made a mess like that.

And in the spirit of all things boys, Ebay couldn't wait to get his grubby lil paws on the guns.

Which raised the testosterone levels to epic proportions. See?

Man! that kid needs a haircut!

How long do you think the plastic slinkys will last?

In the end however, it was a great basket full of fun and I feel bad for wanting to rush Abby through the coloring contest. She's one-of-a-kind that child of mine. I'm logging off to go clean up the mess, I've sent the kids outside with their newfound toys.  Hopefully it will keep their attention for at least an hour.

Who am I kidding? I'm hoping for just 15 minutes!

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Reply Lola
5:49 PM on April 20, 2011 
Sooo cute. Your kids are growing up fast.
Reply Jeannie
11:54 AM on April 21, 2011 
Oh, how great it would be if more Moms invested time in observation and nurturing. The girls are so Tall! And of course, it's always a family affair at your house...which is so fun.

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