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A Grocery Date

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 10:09 PM

If you and your husband go grocery shopping can it be considered a date?

I was wondering because on day 5 of the two of us being home with 5 kids on spring break we needed to get away.

And rather than paper-rock-scissors for who got to go to the store, we decided we'd hit the aisles together.

That's a date right?

It has been just recently that darling hubby took over the responsibility of grocery shopping for this Tribe. This makes me happy for many, many reasons.

  • a. I'm not doing it
  • b. someone else is doing it
  • c. that means someone else is bagging it
  • d. which also means I don't have to carry the haul inside
  • e. and I don't have to put it away
  • f. and also when I did it I did it for 2 weeks at a time which is also A LOT of food
  • g. and did I mention I'm not the one doing it?

So anyway, when I did the shopping it took forever. Not literally of course, but being the frisky frugal shopper that I am, I would go to the off brand store first, saved a-lot, and then drive to the more pricey store. Sometimes it took hours

or at least that's what I told darling hubby when I would 'disappear' every other Saturday for hours at a time.

But I suspect he's onto my game. Our "date" at the grocery store lasted all of 50 minutes. That's right, it took us less than an hour to leave our house, hit the first store, flirt in the cereal aisle, bag it all, load it all, travel to the second store, get what was left on our list, hold hands in the produce section, load it up, bring it all home and unpack it.

With a tilted head and questioning eyebrow darling hubby gave me a sideways glance when he pondered just how quicky the two of us knocked it out. 

"Ummmm .... yeah! That's ...uh ... really, super, amazing dear! You....uh....really got that shopping thing down pat don'tcha? Glad I could help!"

Next time I think I'll get asked out on a date I'll suggest something like a movie.

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